It is both gratifying and humbling to reflect on the myriad relationships with “winners” that were forged over the course of my broadcasting career. But the reason for writing Hangin’ with Winners and occasionally speaking about them is to pass along some insights into just a few of the special individuals who have enriched my career and graced my life.

Diane Sawyer, one of those profiled below, told me that “winning” is not a word she’s given much thought to during her lifetime. She said, “I think more of the moment when your purpose meets joy. When you feel that you’ve really delivered on something you care about. Where you get to wake up every day and the thing you want to do is the thing that you get to do. And then that somehow makes the world better.” Diane then added, “Follow what you are genuinely passionate about and let that guide you to your destination.”

It is my sincere hope that the following profiles – and the anecdotes and lessons they reveal — will enlighten and serve as inspiration to others in the same way that these “winners” inspired me.

Last Updated: October 30, 2022